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Dancing since the age of 3, Monica has always considered movement to be an essential part of her life.  Originally from Kansas City, Monica received her BFA in Dance and Choreography from Ohio University in 2009. She was introduced to Pilates in college as a way to supplement her dance training in an effort to prevent injury, gain flexibility, and to strengthen her muscles. Through this work she fell in love with the details and technique of Pilates and realized how beneficial it is for everyone, regardless of their age or condition.  Monica received her complete BASI Pilates certification (for all levels) with a specialization in dance. Subsequently, she has added rehabilitation and injury prevention, pre/post natal and pre-teen/teen Pilates specializations.  Personal dance and training experience provides her the inside knowledge necessary to give clients an individualized, balanced workout that is challenging, yet achievable and fun.  In 2015 Monica received her license as a massage practitioner from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB) - she loves learning new methods and practices in the mind-body field. She  is currently receiving her third pilates certification while becoming a certified Teacher Trainer through the Nova Method (freestyle pilates).  The Nova Method "combines traditional and alternative Pilates styles with the knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, post-traumatic rehabilitation, postural alignment of Alexander Technique, and breathing exercises of Tao and Qi Gong."  When Monica is not teaching, you can find her hiking, exploring the new flavors in the Los Angeles food scene and continuing her Pilates education as a practitioner and teacher.  

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